So… October eh?

I’m so glad this month is done. It’s been hard work. I’ve found it mentally and emotionally draining.

But it is cathartic to write things down so here goes:

Firstly the good:

Both my kids had their birthdays. Master turned 11 and Miss turned 8. Both had great celebrations, and one of the highlights was having Miss with me on her actual birthday, without having to juggle her with her mother. This is huge progress. Those that know me will understand.


The School Holidays were fun. I got to spend good time with my kids, which is something I value pretty much over everything.

I’m enjoying my clients and working alongside them, generating new business for them. It’s rewarding.

I enjoyed taking my son to the Armageddon Expo. This is becoming an annual event for us. Something special.


Then the not-so-good:

The School Holidays really disrupt my work. I do a lot of cold-calling for my clients and it’s important (for me) to maintain a flow. If I get out of routine, it’s really tough getting back into it efficiently. I need to work out a way of being able to switch on after being off.

Ongoing business fights are distracting. Hopefully I’ll see a resolution soon.

Attending a funeral, being supportive of my girl. It’s always hard seeing those close to you in pain, when you’re not that connected. But you get a terrific sense of those lost.


What for November then?

Birthdays, better weather, focus, fun. It’s time I had more fun. Fun is good.



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