Len Brown

It’s time.

I’ve largely bitten my tongue in an online forum, but I have realised I do have an opinion on this.

1) I don’t care who LB bangs. To me it’s irrelevant.

2) I do care that he plays fast and loose with undeclared perks and gratuities – especially those where a perceived conflict of interest may lie (eg. SkyCity).

3) The Terms of Reference of the initial enquiry were tight. The EY report was sanitised. I believe the A-G needs to do a more thorough investigation as there was enough evidence in the EY report to suggest that this is required.

Len has a history of playing with ratepayer funds inappropriately (Manukau). I don’t believe people change patterns of behaviour all that much.

I think his position as Mayor is now untenable as he’s brought the Auckland Council into disrepute. He can’t lead because those he’d lead are currently mocking, protesting or simply turning their back on him. The office of Mayor is utterly compromised.



2 thoughts on “Len Brown

  1. You’d care if LB was banging your girlfriend!

    • I’ve deliberately removed moral judgement and ideology from my musings. For example, LB may have an open relationship and an understanding with his wife.

      My focus therefore is on the narcissism, lying, poor judgement and misuse of ratepayer funds.

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