Jan 23rd – News of the Day – Thoughts

A day of news. Here’s 10.

1) National’s Education Package. I’m excited by this. It’s a good initiative. It’ll be very difficult for the Opposition to oppose. I did like Cunliffe’s “We’ll do the same… +1. So we’re better”.

2) Mandela’s statue. When I die and you all decide to erect an enormous bronze casting of me, I’d be honoured to have a small bunny hidden in my ear. It appeals to my humour.

3) Kim Dotcom’s ‘Good Times’. Some things should not exist. I did like this review. It made me laugh.

4) Further on Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party. I am concerned that so many professionals continue to buy into this guys patently obvious Reality Distortion Field.  Still, it’s their call I suppose.

5) Len Brown. *giggles*

6) The Black Caps. Just… wow. Fantastic results against India so far. Great to watch.

7) Economic Optimism. 2014 is sending the signals of being a great year for NZ in terms of our economy. I am very pleased to see this after a few years of doing it frugal.

8) The Tui ‘Catch a Million’ promotion. Brilliant. Well done those people!

9) The Australian Open. Go Federer. I’d love to see him go all the way.

10) Someone actually spent time researching Texting and Walking to learn that it was a bad idea??

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