Mr Ryder and Mr Bracewell

I’ve been mulling the alleged late nights and drinking at inappropriate times of these high-level professional sportspeople over. Hence the delay in this post.

So there was media outrage over the behavior of these two. Perhaps a little judgey but then again, perhaps not.

My take on it is this.

I don’t get why they’d go out on a school night. I don’t get why they’d get trolleyed. I don’t get it because they’re supposedly professional athletes – tasked, focussed and on a mission. Supposedly.

I feel for the Black Caps. They’ve done something remarkable in achieving a test victory over India. And all the talk is about Ryder and Bracewell.

Both have been given multiple chances. Both are actually surplus to requirements now. We have depth.

Cut them loose NZ Cricket. As an organisation you’re moving forward and this Black Caps unit is gelling well, and performing.

The other players don’t need this distraction.

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