Thoughts about renting and having to move

In mid-January I received notice that my apartment owners intended to sell my apartment. This wasn’t really a surprise given the ‘valuation for insurance purposes’ visit in December.

Thought #1. Why can’t people just be honest and say why they’re getting valutations etc.?

As I’m a clean and tidy person (mostly) it wasn’t too challenging to get my place to ‘Take Photos For Trade-Me’ level. The agent who was selling the Apartment was actually very good. Very communicative and reasonable. He also bought me wine.

Thought #2. Giving wine to people who like wine is a really good way to get them onside.

It took six weeks from first notice to getting the place sold. And it sold for a record price apparently. I’ll take credit for the fact that I’ve treated it well for 4 1/2 years. I don’t get any commission though.

I couldn’t move on finding a new place until I knew that it had sold, and that it had sold to a new owner/occupier who therefore required vacant possession.

Thought #3. I don’t like being in limbo. There was only so much I could do in preparation for a home hunt. I was very unsettled.

Then the hunt for a home. I knew I had to increase my per week rent cost. It’s a very tight market at the moment. I also knew that it was unlikely I could stay in my beloved Kingsland.

Thought #4. Kingsland, Auckland is FANTASTIC.

Focus. Stay on topic.

Ok – over two weeks I visited 23 Open Homes. And spent probably 2 hours each day researching, contacting, applying, researching, contacting… you get the picture. Detailed notes were taken.

Thought #5. Evernote is a brilliant solution. I was able to keep track of everything associated with the hunt across all devices.

Late last week, I was offered a place which I’ve accepted. I’m moving to Grey Lynn. In very close proximity to Farro Fresh, Countdown, Fruit World and within tipsy-walking distance from West Lynn, Herne Bay, and Ponsonby.

Thought #6. I may have a problem. I seem to be associating location with bars.

I’ve been through a little emotional rollercoaster as a result. My home is really my sanctuary and is and has to be a safe place for my kids when they’re in my care. I have found a new home that will work. I am horrified at how some people live. I saw some absolute shitholes. I blame landlords and tenants alike.

Also, I’ve been underwhelmed by the quality of Real Estate agents in the Rent game. Yes, I understand that they have no loyalty beyond getting the places let and obtaining the letting fee. However, there seems to be a lack of even basic courtesy when it comes to responding to emails, texts, messages. Take note Real Estate agents. You could do better.

I also don’t think it’s right that I have to provide 21 Days Notice in the period between having a home sold out from under you. I will have to pay rent to two landlords in the cross-over week. Oh well. Needs must I guess.

Thought #7. I need to save enough money for a deposit on a place so this doesn’t happen again.

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