Dear labour

Dear Labour.

I am a Right-leaning voter. No surprises there.

I am a firm believer in the debate of opposing viewpoints but more importantly, I am a believer in the need for a strong Opposition to keep the Government of the day in check.

New Zealand does not have a strong Opposition at this time.

This is a situation entirely of your own making.

Your factional infighting weakens you. Your railing against opposition actions when you do the same things yourselves reeks of hypocrisy.

And Kiwis don’t like it.

Focus instead on the Economy. Poverty (we have poverty in NZ???). Education. Support for those that need it. Fairness and Justice for all.

Leave the Personality Politics.

You’ll get traction.

Good luck. However, I suspect the disunity and personal agendas within your caucus will outweigh the practical aspects of regaining the Government benches.

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