Election time

I LOVE Election time!

There is so much weirdness. The Government are trying hard to not screw up and not doing that right (Brownlee, Hauiti).

The various Opposition parties are trying desperately to get traction with messaging. And not doing that right.

Parties are coming out with policy. Finally. Some I like, some I don’t. Some are uncosted pie in the sky ideas. I have a suspicion that the NZ electorate can actually see through hollow promises these days. I have faith in my fellow citizens.

I love the bloggers – the Right-leaning and the Left-leaning. The vitriol is amazing.

And then there’s the media. They are happily creating stories and getting reactions. John Key appears on a magazine cover. Hilarious. I don’t know why the Opposition approached for comment made comment.

Quite frankly though, I’d quite like a job where I’m earning loads of money and for at least two months out of every three years I continue to get paid by my employer when I’m not actually doing my job. In fact all I am doing is telling my employer why I should get employed for another three years.