Random Thoughts

The Internet-Mana video. I don’t care that a sycophantic group of blinded Cult-worshippers spontaneously chant “f**k John Key” at a rally. I do care that it is released by Internet-Mana as an electoral promotional video on their YouTube channel. And tweeted. And Facebooked. I think it’s quite damaging to Internet-Mana (well, just adds to the damage the existence of Internet-Mana creates).

“Sugar Daddy”. Hmm. I haven’t got a problem with this comment. Fact is, Laila is bought and paid for by someone who simply doesn’t share her political beliefs. IMHO she is hopelessly compromised and has zero integrity.

Palmerston North. I’m keen to see Jono Naylor elected.

The Terminator is still awesome, 30 years after release.

Len Brown is STILL Mayor?

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