Thoughts: #TheBlockNZ

I wasn’t going to get into this series. I really wasn’t. But then it just sucked me in!

Whilst it’s fairly contrived and definitely made-for-TV, it’s just fun. I’ve spoken to a number of architects that despise it for setting unrealistic expectations for their clients in terms of timings and how long it takes to get resource consents. But it’s still just fun.

It became even more fun when my 9 year old daughter expressed that she liked the show. I ran her and her brother down to the site six weeks ago to show them. At that time the houses were all under shrink-wrap, but she loved getting a feel for things.

Spotting Mark Richardson in the wild was also fun.

I have absolutely loved snuggling with my daughter on the couch watching each episode for the last couple of weeks.

Last Saturday we made our way to the Open Homes. Amazingly my kids coped with the 2hr15 wait to get to the houses, and then the 1hr00 required to walk through and view. No complaints. No fractiousness. This is the benefit of them being completely engaged.

I have to compliment EyeWorks and MediaWorks for the event. The Neighbourhood was out in force, flogging baking, drinks, sausages… pretty much everything. It was great to support the local school. It was so festive. Everything was smooth – I was most impressed with the Traffic Management and the volume of staff that were keeping things moving and calm.

A highlight was a visit from Cate Owen who came and found me with branded hats and drink bottles for my kids. That really made their experience! Thanks Cate!

Having seen the houses? My favorites are still my favorites. There is a definite difference between the houses in terms of finishing and quality. The overwhelming crowd favorites are Jo and Damo, and their home has some pretty nice detail.

Overall, I can’t wait to see the final result. I’ve enjoyed this Season.


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