Thoughts: the Opposition on the attack

An interesting day in NZ politics today. I invested some time in reading the report re. NZSIS and Goff, as well as watching QT and the debate that followed.

My overall impression is that no-one in Parliament actually cares. There was posturing. There was party-political broadcasting.

Are there issues? Of course. Deficiencies in process have been identified and will be rectified, if they haven’t been already.

To the debate.

Norman bleated. He repeated himself often. He was speaking in soundbites. There wasn’t really a cohesion in the speech. He came across kind of whiny in my opinion.

Little was interesting. Clearly he’s positioning himself as a Leader. Not helped at all by the leaking of the report but he presented well. I’m not a fan of Union posturing, aggression and rhetoric, but he’s not trying to appeal to me. Overall he did well, as evidenced by 3 News using his soundbites and avoiding Norman (apart from the ‘Key must resign’ song in the Presser afterwards).

Peters: used for comedic effect. I do wonder if he’s ever seen the movie he referenced. Oh well. He was a little hard to listen to. A bit mumbly, a bit irrelevant. Past his prime methinks.

The Government. Front-footed. I don’t think they’ll suffer at all.

I do think it was a good report. Thorough. I’ve learned much from reading it wrt the importance of documenting everything accurately.

The next few weeks will be fun.

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