Thoughts: 2014 huh?

I was just looking back at my thoughts and expectations for 2014, written after what was a challenging 2013.

I didn’t enjoy 2013 for the most part.

I had optimism that 2014 couldn’t possibly be worse than 2013. But it was.

Some things were definitely better, I can state. But a lot of things conspired to create stress and drama that was not helpful.

Still, I weathered it all.

And have managed to get to this day with a smile intact. A little older. A little wiser. I still have a deep love and respect for Toto and other 80’s bands.

There were some definite highlights!

These generally revolve around things my kids do. I love seeing them grow and learn new skills and display talent in areas I never did. It’s also great as a Dad being able to help them understand aspects of their personalities that they got from me (and are just weird).

My culinary love is growing and I’m getting better in the kitchen. Practice makes perfect, but it does add to ones body weight.

And of course some lowlights.

I do feel I haven’t spent enough time this year with ‘my’ people. Those who have been a part of my journey and who are still present, but as we all have separate lives and increasingly busy schedules, it gets harder to catch up. I also haven’t been able to meet and mingle and network as much as I need to do in order to maintain a healthy balance. Juggling finances this year has taken a toll, but I’ve survived.

Having to move home earlier this year really did impact me. It’s taken months to get my head into the new space and start to feel that it’s home. Moving furniture around, and experimenting with artworks has helped. Being next door to multiple supermarkets and food places makes it a potentially good environment for me. But it’s a 700m walk to the nearest bar… 700 meters!!! I suppose I’ll get over that!

So… What next then?

I have an unbridled optimism for 2015.

I’ll write about that shortly.

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