Thoughts: Camping Pt 2

I’m starting to get into the pace of camping life.

I am experiencing a gradual decline into feral. I spent all day yesterday in my togs. I never spend all day in togs.

I’m getting a lot of reading done, which is excellent, but I seem to be spending the majority of my time looking for places to stay cool. I found the camp kitchen yesterday. Near the fridges.

This site has many trees but the sun seems to ignore them. The 93% humidity is brutal. I can’t complain though. We are all happy.

My kids are having fun. There’s enough here to keep them interested and when they’re done running around, they’re reading. They’ve also become more helpful around the routine. Cooking etc. Forget tidying though. Their end of the tent is making my OCD hurt. They’re not particularly interested in exploring Taupo and Surrounds. This doesn’t bother me as it means they’re satisfied with what they’re doing.

Adult interaction isn’t really happening. You have those passing conversations with other parents but they’re usually about kids, about entertaining kids, about work. It’s a life stage I think.

I also may be in trouble with the mother of my kids. Sun block isn’t blocking quite enough and the healthy rouge (glows at night) on their faces may elicit complaints on their return. Oops.


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