Thoughts: Dreams and the Interpretation thereof

Last night I had a dream. And it’s not the first time that this one has entered my consciousness – and the fact that I was able to recall it in fullness afterwards means I probably have to pay attention to it, yes?

I’m interested in my mind and things like dreams, and I believe everything interconnects in a way not yet fully understood.

I’m also interested in the interpretation of dreams.

I’ll write mine here. Feel free to comment!


In my dream I am riding a pushbike in an Industrial area. It’s dusk. No people are around. Suddenly I get a puncture in a tyre. (note: the first time I had this dream it was in one tyre, last night it was in both).

My ‘fix-the-tyre’ guy is a long way away, so I pick up the bike, put it over my shoulder and start to walk.

I follow a track. There are fences and stiles to get across. People come up behind me and push past as I’m not following the track at their pace. Some look at me with pity on their faces. Others laugh. All leave me. Carrying my bike.

Next, several classrooms of children are on the track. They’re walking towards me and all pass me by. My kids are there. They walk and talk with me for a while but then have to catch up with their teacher.

I eventually get to my tyre guy, who fixes the punctures…

and I waken.

Any ideas?

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