Thoughts: St Bedes Parents

Oh God, where do I start?

This story just pisses me off. 

A school absolutely has to have the right to make a call when their students either break the law or bring the school into dispute or both, as has occurred here.

The parents of these boys are pretentious twats, raising precious pretentious twats.


Thoughts: Man Goes To Doctor

Four and a half years ago I went to a new Doctor. I had this idea that it probably would be a good idea with all the conversation about Men’s Health etc.

Forgot to renew my relationship with the clinic a couple of years ago. You know? Life gets busy and me being a fairly typical fella, thinks “nothing feels off so I’ll be fine eh”?

Then 82 yr old father decides to obsess about my skin and insisted on my going to get things checked out.

So I did.

Nothing wrong with skin, a few things to have a look at with respect to middle-aging. 

Had an ECG today to check that business also. Had a very chatty nurse. Right up until the machine spat out my results…

She went very quiet so I asked her if I should just lay there quietly until the ambulance arrived…

Everything is ok apparently. But sometimes bedside manner can be disconcerting.

So, onwards and upwards. May have to adjust some aspects of lifestyle. Won’t be too difficult.

Probably should make an effort to visit the Doctor more often. 

And no rectal prostate examination yet. Bonus.

Thoughts: Ongoing Family Sagas

A week or so ago I wrote about how my Aunt had died and none of my family bothered to tell me.

I wrote how I felt isolated.

It’s compounded this week. In the middle of last year I was going through a challenging time and reached out to my family for support. They all dutifully replied by email offering thoughts, prayers and bible verses of encouragement. (To be fair, my brother did call and was practically helpful).

But since August 1 I’ve not heard from any of them. No contact asking how I was. To make sure I was ok.

I caught up with my sister and brother-in-law yesterday. They were most apologetic about the lack of communication. Apology accepted. 

Then at the end of the conversation, my sister mentioned that they’d talked amongst themselves about the possibility I may be suicidal. *

No one picked up the phone to check.


I’m not sure how to respond to this. I’m a bit grief-filled. A bit ragey. A bit resolved that I have to do things myself and push the family away.


* I’m not at all suicidal, for the record.