Thoughts: Netflix


A few years after setting up a U.S. Netflix account and then letting it go (due to having to use a VPN and the fact that I hated the television experience on my MacBook), when it arrived in NZ I decided to revisit it.

Having an app on my PS3 made the decision easy.

And all I can say is wow. It’s actually pretty bloody good. A tonne of content suitable for me, as well as content for my kids. And they love it. It’s so much better having them watch movies and shows without all the adverts on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon .

Now I face a challenge. To keep Sky TV or not? It’s a tricky one. Well, actually it’s getting less tricky. 

Sports content is the key. Yes, I enjoyed watching back-to-back World Cup cricket. And yes, I’ll probably enjoy watching the Rugby World Cup… Or will I? I’ve gotten so utterly bored with rugby over the last few years, and with the performance of the Blues (was their win this weekend a blip or the start of something?) being awful, I’m just not that invested. Will Netflix do a deal for sports? Does their model support that? Or are other live streams coming? I’m sure Sky will be working on a subscription model for their content which will suit.

I’m glad the technology has reached the point where it is straightforward. Of course, I may need to purchase a new TV to maximise the benefit. And fibre. 

Good times are ahead.

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