Thoughts: Cooking With Kids

Every now and then Miss 9 gets the idea in her head that doing some cooking might be fun.

This has led, in the past, to events such as the ‘hand up the chicken’s bum’ episode, which has provided much levity since.

Today she was talking up her skills at making cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese. I’ve not seen her do this before, so the challenge was set.

And you know what? She is actually really good at making cheese sauce. She’s not a fan of adding seasoning or those additional spices that give it a bit of zing, and wouldn’t let me sneak them in.

She wasn’t interested in assembling the finished product though. “I just said I’d do the sauce”, so she missed out on the joy of sprinkling breadcrumbs, grating butter etc.

Still, the final result was great. And as she was involved in the creation, she ate without fuss. 


Master 12 wasn’t interested in helping. He is going to be a challenge. 

Looking back over the somewhat concerning length of my life thus far, I wish I developed a passion for food and learning to cook beyond ‘meat, potatoes and Westie-veges’ well before I turned 40. 


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