Thoughts: Cutting the Sky Cord

It’s been a bit of a process, but I’ve cut the cord. I’ve switched to a Fibre connection, and dropped Sky and my home phone.

It took a bit of pros and cons detailing, but ultimately I simply don’t need those services, and as such I’m saving $100 per month.

Not bad.

I do have some questions over the communication between Vodafone and Chorus though. Some basic systems and processes simply aren’t working.
Initially Vodafone were great. Sorted out my service option quickly and painlessly. Email and text follow-ups were top-notch. 

That’s when it got weird.

I was told that I’d need to get permission from my landlord and from my neighbours. I was ok with this. I was told that on Monday I’d get a site visit in which Chorus would determine what needed to be done so I could inform anyone.

Monday came. Nope, not a site visit. Chorus set up the fibre for install.


Next, I was informed that my router was on its way. It never arrived and got sent back to Vodafone. I found this out when I called Vodafone to locate it. They said if it didn’t arrive, to call them Thursday ahead of a Friday installation so they could make sure the installer had one in their van.

Thursday came. I was contacted by Chorus to confirm installation on Friday afternoon. But at this point I still hadn’t been asked for landlord or neighbour details for their permission. I’m a little concerned. Called Vodafone, and they confirmed installation for Froday afternoon and that the router would be onboard. Ok…

Friday morning, Chorus called confirming installation for that morning…

I deferred them to the afternoon as I’d discussed and planned.
12:30pm, and the installation went smoothly until Chorus asked for the router…


Happily, they managed to locate one in the van of a nearby colleague, and I’m up and running.

So I don’t know. There is something seriously wrong with how Vodafone and Chorus talk to each other but we got there in the end. 

The Chorus guys were great. The Vodafone team were great. It’s just that the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing.

Am I a happy customer? Yes. I’ve got great speeds and Netflix. I don’t think I’ll miss Sky. I’ll get Freeview set up at some stage but I’m still marathoning How I Met Your Mother. 

I’ll survive. And well.