Thoughts: Another Birthday

And the birthday weekend draws to a close.
‘Achieving’ 46 hasn’t felt good. I usually live by a mantra whereby age is but a number, but this one aches a bit.
Still, it was celebrated well. I took Friday afternoon off and spent it doing things I like. Catching up with old friends, playing Destiny in my underwear. The usual ya know?
The lovely KT picked me up and we went hunting for wine in Herne Bay. Have to say, the Elbow Room scene at 5pm on a Friday is horrific. Great staff, but the clientele are pretty much ‘men contemplating their ageing’. It wasn’t ideal. But the free peanuts made up for it.
A gentle wander past Goodness (and catching up with my pal Ange) and then on to Dida’s. A much more lively crowd, but too much crowd.
Dinner was at Siostra in West Lynn. I’ve wanted to eat there for a while and it felt good supporting my local. I have to say, the food was outstanding. The service was outstanding. Such a great unpretentious vibe. I’ll definitely return. And I have no hesitation in recommending them.
A quick wine at Frieda’s before heading home. Again, a backdrop of ageing men deep in their cups was a little raw.
I hate the idea I’m growing old. I can’t avoid it, so one needs to make sure one makes the most of life don’t you think?


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