Thoughts: Quality Time with the Kids

I’ve enjoyed spending more time than usual with my kids these holidays. It’s fun connecting with them and seeing them grow.

Visits to MOTAT and the Auckland Museum were rewarding. It’s cool to see my daughter dive into the experiments and technology that MOTAT has on display and promotes with their school programmes.


It was endearing seeing both of them dive into the Online Cenotaph at the Museum to locate their great-grandfathers name in the role of honour. And to be able to explain ‘war’ and ‘sacrifice’ and the impact on families and New Zealand.
This afternoon has been pretty cool too. Master 12 is off testing a game that is currently in closed-beta development (huge opportunity for him to learn about the ins and outs of a studio) so Miss 9 and I shot off to the Pub. Just me and her.


This has been great for a number reasons. My kids have been told/conditioned that pubs are bad and full of bad drunk people. I’ve been working to dispel this of course. And the most important reason is that she wanted to talk. And talk. And talk. She made me put my devices down so she could talk to me. About everything. Such an incredibly awesome time. School, friends, subjects. She showed me her writing. Her forays into coding (she does technology at her school). Her ice-skating. Her gymnastics. Talking about her achievements and the next things to work on.
This will set up this weekend nicely.

Thoughts: Auckland House Prices and NZ Labour

Ok. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days.

My position is that we do need to be, as a country, a little more attentive about non-resident foreign nationals buying up our housing stock, which is clearly constrained. Simple economics dictates that there is a supply and demand issue at play. How can we adjust our requirements without breaching FTAs that are in place? That’s worth exploring in detail.

I note that these same non-resident foreign nationals are also investing in farms and turning them around (refer Crafar). They’re buying Commercial real estate, and leasing. It’s an investment.

(Note: Housing is not expensive in the Regions of NZ. But how do we get people to move to those places.? Jobs? lifestyle? It’s worth having a think about.)

My issue with this issue is the inept way that Labour has gone about highlighting it. 

In my opinion there absolutely was racial profiling at play. Against the Chinese. A people group that Labour of old defended mightily. Not so now huh? If they pulled stats on Jewish names? Indian names? Outcry. It wasn’t needed at all. Their analysis of the information was woeful. 

Now, The leaked personal and private information. There will be a lawsuit. It’s not whistleblowing on any level. Whistleblowing is where illegality is highlighted. Twyford needs to take responsibility for causing someone to lose their job. He has made Labour and Little look ignorant, stupid. (My opinion of course).

I work with many businesses and their data is sacrosanct. I would never consider releasing it to third parties.

I think this was an extraordinarily ill-judged play. It shows how today’s Labour is but a shadow of the Labour that Helen Clark oversaw. I didn’t agree with Clark’s politics. Make no mistake. But what I’m seeing today annoys me. 

Good government comes from a strong Opposition. We don’t have one. We have a highly-paid clusterfuck doing dumb shit for headlines. I desire an Opposition of talent. Who works hard, and challenges the Government accurately. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Thoughts: getting your body back

Oh ok, maybe it’s more “getting your brain, time and life back”.

From July 1st, I have been in recovery.

This year has been bloody hard slog. I’d been giving one of my clients, on average, over 180 hrs per month. (Getting paid for 168). And then fitting in the workload for my other clients on top of that.

My brain was fried. But I didn’t realize it, although the suspicions were there.

I’d had a few conversations with medical professionals (nothing to be concerned about, I have many more people to annoy in my future) and quite frankly the idea that we work to exhaustion and then use the spare time for sleep is just crazy.

Yes. Needs must. But it takes a toll.

From July 1st, I reduced my hours with that client. Focussing on a few accounts and being more selective with my hours.

I have new clients to inspire and delight me. 

I have felt a weight lift and a sharpening in my mind. I didn’t realize quite how bad shape I was in. 

Sorry if you’ve been on the receiving end of ‘I have no energy to give you any sort of attention’. 

I’ve made changes.


Thoughts: Indiana Jones

Tonight I have introduced my children to the joy that is Indiana Jones. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark up first.  
They have a connection given their strong churchy upbringing. They know the story of the Ark of the Covenant. They’ve also played many hours of the Lego game version of the movie, so pretty much knew what was going to happen.

I was a bit concerned with the fright, horror aspects of the movie, but children of this era are a little more conditioned to ‘bad, scary things’ than when I was their age.

Which brings me to a memory that is still strong today.

All those years ago, I got to see Raiders in the theatre. (Regent, Palmerston North, if you must know). I recall thoroughly enjoying the movie. The story. The characters.

And then the scene on the Steamer. Indi and Marion. With the Mirror.  You know it. 

It was at this precise point in the movie that my Dad, accompanied by an usher with a torch, entered the theatre searching for me. Light in everybody’s faces. One by one. Row by row.

So he could take me to a swimming lesson. 

I’ve never forgiven him.