Thoughts: Indiana Jones

Tonight I have introduced my children to the joy that is Indiana Jones. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark up first.  
They have a connection given their strong churchy upbringing. They know the story of the Ark of the Covenant. They’ve also played many hours of the Lego game version of the movie, so pretty much knew what was going to happen.

I was a bit concerned with the fright, horror aspects of the movie, but children of this era are a little more conditioned to ‘bad, scary things’ than when I was their age.

Which brings me to a memory that is still strong today.

All those years ago, I got to see Raiders in the theatre. (Regent, Palmerston North, if you must know). I recall thoroughly enjoying the movie. The story. The characters.

And then the scene on the Steamer. Indi and Marion. With the Mirror.  You know it. 

It was at this precise point in the movie that my Dad, accompanied by an usher with a torch, entered the theatre searching for me. Light in everybody’s faces. One by one. Row by row.

So he could take me to a swimming lesson. 

I’ve never forgiven him.

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