Thoughts: Auckland House Prices and NZ Labour

Ok. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days.

My position is that we do need to be, as a country, a little more attentive about non-resident foreign nationals buying up our housing stock, which is clearly constrained. Simple economics dictates that there is a supply and demand issue at play. How can we adjust our requirements without breaching FTAs that are in place? That’s worth exploring in detail.

I note that these same non-resident foreign nationals are also investing in farms and turning them around (refer Crafar). They’re buying Commercial real estate, and leasing. It’s an investment.

(Note: Housing is not expensive in the Regions of NZ. But how do we get people to move to those places.? Jobs? lifestyle? It’s worth having a think about.)

My issue with this issue is the inept way that Labour has gone about highlighting it. 

In my opinion there absolutely was racial profiling at play. Against the Chinese. A people group that Labour of old defended mightily. Not so now huh? If they pulled stats on Jewish names? Indian names? Outcry. It wasn’t needed at all. Their analysis of the information was woeful. 

Now, The leaked personal and private information. There will be a lawsuit. It’s not whistleblowing on any level. Whistleblowing is where illegality is highlighted. Twyford needs to take responsibility for causing someone to lose their job. He has made Labour and Little look ignorant, stupid. (My opinion of course).

I work with many businesses and their data is sacrosanct. I would never consider releasing it to third parties.

I think this was an extraordinarily ill-judged play. It shows how today’s Labour is but a shadow of the Labour that Helen Clark oversaw. I didn’t agree with Clark’s politics. Make no mistake. But what I’m seeing today annoys me. 

Good government comes from a strong Opposition. We don’t have one. We have a highly-paid clusterfuck doing dumb shit for headlines. I desire an Opposition of talent. Who works hard, and challenges the Government accurately. It shouldn’t be that hard.

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