Thoughts: Winter Colds

it had to happen I suppose. It’s my annual foray into being under the weather.

It’s bloody annoying. It’s bloody frustrating.

I was susceptible to catching the cold. I’ve jut come through a period of pretty intense workload, and from 1 July I reduced the hours I was working, recognizing that my health and my sense of humour were both suffering.

But with that reduction in hours, there was a corresponding reduction in adrenalin. Leaving me wide open. It’s why Executives get sick when they go on holiday.

Two weeks. Loss of energy, loss of voice. Coughing, spluttering. Awful. 

The loss of voice is the worst. I rely on my voice for income. And not being able to talk is brutal.

So, sleep, ginger, sleep, garlic, sleep, panadol has been my routine. It seems to have worked. 

All things going well, next week is back to mostly normal. 

Crossing everything.

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