Thoughts: More About the NZ Flag Debate

So. Our well-constructed panel has whittled the submissions down to 40. 40 flag options, of which the most popular 4 go up against the current flag.

This is actually complete bullshit.

A Nation’s flag is created out of an Historical need. An event of importance, requiring marking and establishment.

We do not yet have this pre-condition.

So, what is the play? 

I do not believe that John Key wants a flag change as his legacy. I think it is much much bigger than that.

My read is that we will get to the end of the flag exercise, and then we will be told “We can’t change the flag unless we become a Republic and sever our ties to England, once and for all”. 

We will then collectively say “oh OK, we’ve chosen a flag, let’s become a Republic.” 

Key’s desired legacy is NZ becoming a Republic. New flag. New currency imagery. No Governor-General. New everything. Independence. 

We are being herded to an Historical Event of some significance.

In my humble opinion of course.

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