Thoughts: Fathers Day Advertising

So it’s that time of year when I do my best to avoid mainstream media. 

I like Fathers Day. It’s a day of reflection where  my kids make an effort and I reassess how I’m doing given my solo-Dad status. So far, so good.

But this Day of the year is spoiled for me by retail advertising. All the brands spend big bucks trying to sell their shit.

Hannah’s selling “Dads’ Favorite Bramds – such as Pulp”.  Wet and Forget  telling you to buy Dad a real gift : a 7l sprayer. Farmers with their underwear. Hardware stores with their hammers.

It’s depressing really. How about a brand message telling the kids to put some fucking thought into things. Like, don’t buy Dad something he will buy for himself when he needs it, spend some fucking time with him.

It’s the lead up to Days like this when my contempt for Brands, Brand Managers and Ad Agencies hits peak. 

We have talented people working in these fields but they’re producing crap. Nauseating crap.

Mothers Day advertising is different. Show Mum you love her. Jewellery. Spa pampering. Good shit. Not the same ‘practical gift’ messaging that Fathers Day gets. 

You try buying Mum face cream or an ironing board and see how far THAT gets you.

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