Thoughts: More Family Issues

As some of you are aware, I really do have a few issues with my NZ family. 

I spend time with my aged parents regularly, and I note that they are the glue that keeps me connected with my siblings because I have reached the point where I don’t really care. 

Every now and then I think to myself that perhaps I should be the bigger person but then I’m reminded that when I was struggling they simply weren’t there for me.

I have felt incredibly isolated and as such have made a bit more effort with connection to my biological family.

Here’s a story. My older sister left a birthday gift for me with my parents (who forgot where it was). My birthday was June, it’s now September.

Now, I don’t want to be too scathing but here it is:

Yes, that is a book from my sister trying to save my soul. 

They included this too:


Yes, that is a Thai Airways business class pack that they were given on their last trip.

Clearly they thought that ‘Simon would like this on his journey to Hell’.

I’m a bit grumpy.

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