Thoughts: 13 Yr Old Son and a Random Act Of Kindness

So yesterday, as I collected my kids, my 13 yr old son told me he had to do a blogpost for school. Which had a deadline. Midday today.

And the topic of his post? He had to do a Random Act Of Kindness and write about the experience.

One word: panic.

He had NO idea what he could do. I suggested that we head to the supermarket so he could help a ‘little old lady’ with her shopping. The idea terrified him.

I let him think about it overnight.

This morning he informed me that he had sorted it. Suspicious, I asked him what he’d done?

“I wrote ‘have a good day’ on a piece of paper and put it in one of your neighbours letter box.”

Seriously. So lame.

I have much work to do.

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