Thoughts: Dreams


Sometimes in that pre-dawn time, especially after a somewhat restless sleep, I have the weirdest dreams.

Today’s effort was quite odd.

I was in a village – narrow, cobbled streets with laneways. The sunlight was playing on the brick walls of the tall houses and building and it looked amazing. However, I was too tired to appreciate it and was simply wanting to get home to rest.

I knew the way I should walk but for some reason I kept getting turned around. Road signs kept changing. The position of the sun kept changing. The elevation of the paths kept changing. People kept blocking my route so I had to continually find other roads to travel down.

I went down an alley and a person moved a cart in front of me so I couldn’t pass. They asked for my help re-potting some plants (WTF?). Even though I needed to be on my way, I stopped to help. I always do.

When I went to wash my hands, the soap I used wasn’t soap. It was a glue of some description and I just could not get it off my hands. Everything was sticking and slowing me down.

The frustration was just huge and enveloping and increasing. Like a persistent fog that clouds everything.

And just as it all nearly got too much, I woke.

The dream was so clear and I have such good recall of it. What the heck was that all about?

What do you think?

One thought on “Thoughts: Dreams

  1. You’re feeling stuck? Progress impeded. Blocked. Having problems at work?

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