Thoughts: Boxes

I have boxes in my garage. 

Their contents are miscellaneous and for the most part they haven’t been opened for years. I’ve kept them in storage, you see. Storage I paid for month by month. I didn’t really need to be doing this as I had space in my garage. So I moved them home. I have moved them to where I am reminded of their existence.

Now they sit there. Unopened. Silently judging me with memories that I don’t know that I have.

I have some shelving in my garage so have been able to move the boxes around, compartmentalise them. But they’re still there, unopened. Tidy. In their place. and unopened. Unresolved. And taking up space.

I’m going to open them in 2016.

I’m going to sort through their contents.

I’m going to throw a lot of things out. Give some things away. Let them go.

It’s time.

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