Thoughts: Small Business Trials

I’ve been a bit quiet on the whole blogging thing in recent times as I’ve had a bit on my mind.

I have my own wee business and I work diligently and sometimes, just sometimes, I even work hard.

Last year I put a lot of effort into one particular client over a six month period, on the promise (and signed agreement) of commissions. And I succeeded, earning $30k. However, towards the end of last year it became apparent that they didn’t want to pay up. Mainly because they couldn’t. It’s one thing to earn an income, it’s quite another to receive it.

Phone calls have been unanswered. Emails not responded to. And it is ongoing.

It has been so frustrating as I’d budgeted for the arrival of at least some of the money before Christmas. It didn’t. Christmas was therefore lean.

I’ve had to put this situation into a silo because focusing on it would bring a lot of negativity, anger and bitterness into my world, which I simply don’t want. Being able to pick up new work with awesome people has softened the blow somewhat but I’ve been on the back foot. And I don’t like it.

I guess in life you meet some people who show their true colours aren’t as good as they should be. It’s a shame that it’s usually in times of pressure when you can least afford the emotional energy.

So, I’m planning my next steps. Survival has been achieved. I’ve made some fairly substantial changes in my life that will make things a little easier and quite possible a little funner (it’s a word!!!). Now it’s time to plant my feet and toughen up. You can do that with good people in your corner (Thanks KT).

Will I ever receive what I’m owed? Hard to say. It’s reached the point where I’ll have to hand things over to the experts.

Why oh why do people renege on agreements? And stop communicating when things get tight? Such a stupid course of action. Not at all helpful.



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