Diary of a Shore Thing #1

Well, tonight marks the start of a new cohabitation. I’m now a Shore dweller. (North Shore of Auckland for those who love abroad).

In my limited experience, I’ve always found the North Shore to be different. Certainly different from the city fringe that I’ve enjoyed for the last seven years. And generally views with suspicion from Howick and further afield – Palmerston North for example.

And then there’s the micro-climates of the Takapuna, Belmont, Devonport strip, compared with Birkenhead and surrounds, and then Albany is whole different beast altogether.

Moving today was hard on several levels, but mostly physical. I can’t walk at the moment, and then there was the highly inconvenient heat exhaustion that caught me about 3pm. I was fairly useless for the next 90minutes whilst rehydrating and eating.

But I’ve made it. It’ll be interesting to see how my chameleonic nature blends me in. Who knows, I may actually grow to love this place.

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