Thoughts: Reconnections

I have mentioned this in a previous post but it is an interesting story, worth revisiting and digging into.

Recap: I’m adopted. My birth Mother, U.K.-based, whom I’ve met two times in the last 6 years having tracked her down 8 years ago, sent me an email last week with ‘by the way I’ll be in Auckland on Friday”.

That kind of spun my world a bit.

A little digging and I’ve learned that she’s kept things quite quiet. Not only to me, but also to her close family in Somerset. And here’s the rub: my birth Father (who lives in Tauranga) is her first port of call. And he has kept things quiet. My half-brother is as off-balance as I am. We like a plan.

Mum is 76. She’s just done a 36hr global transition and I got to meet her at the airport. We had about 30mins available to catch up before she was whisked away by the shuttle driver.

She did her OE from England in 1967. Got pregnant with me, gave me up for adoption, and in 1970 returned home and didn’t tell a soul of her experience and my existence. Different times huh?

She’s seen my dad briefly in the last 46 years. He got across to the UK in 1990 or thereabouts. But little contact since.

This is an amazing reconnection. Super-cute, yes. It’s so great that she’s here as she will be able to meet my kids – her grandchildren – and all the other significant people in Simon-land that she’s only heard about.

It’s like the Universe is conspiring to move pieces in my world to a start position of sorts. 

It is exciting and concerning in equal measure.


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