Thoughts: Living A Life Of Significance

This sort of story makes me a bit sad. And it seems to occur all too frequently.

I don’t want to die alone, in an apartment, and not be discovered by benefit of wafting aroma months after the fact.

I’m quite sure that no-one wants this as the final act of their life.

So, how to live a life of significance? A life where people actually knock on your door to see if  you’re ok? (Or text, or email). 

I’m thinking my philosophy of trying to make a difference to every person I meet is a decent start point. And hopefully, it’s a positive difference. It’s important to me that my kids have some sort of role model thing going on.

Looking ahead, I’ve already planned my funeral extravaganza (in my head, and it’s awesome, and there are dancers and comedians everywhere) so frankly my expiration will be entertaining on some level.

Here’s to the future of being positive and impactful!  (And not desperately alone and insiginificant).

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