Thoughts: Losing My Voice

So. The last year has been challenging. I’ve had to revalue and reassess and make life changes that I really didn’t want to make. I had a pleasant non-confrontational existence that has been turned upside-down.

A client (former) decided that they didn’t want to pay me what we agreed to. And this action of theirs has put me on the back foot.

I’ve had to be incredibly guarded as to what I can say, write, vent. You know that this is a publication, yes? 

Dealing with this has meant that I have lost my voice. I’ve had opinions on so many topics but I’ve not shared. I have had to stop speaking in case I jeopardise my legal case against these people. 

I’m recovering. Successfully I might add. Happily, I have people in my world that care and actually give a damn. And have supported me and loved me.

My voice is coming back. 

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