Diary of a Shore Thing #6

It’s been a wee while since I last wrote about my existence on the North Shore of Auckland.

I have found myself in somewhat of a routine now. Things aren’t as strange as they once were and I’m starting to relax a bit more.

Working in Whangaparaoa these last few months has certainly given me more perspective of this part of the city and it sees me less and less on the South side of the bridge (not ideal but it is what it is).

I’m still not sure I’m destined to embrace this place. My roots in Palmerston North mean that my exposure to the beach and sun and surf was not a part of my youth. Of course I’d probably feel right at home in Glenfield. But it’s GLENFIELD!!!

I haven’t yet found a ‘local’ where everyone knows my name. This is problematic for me given the lasting acquaintances made during my time in Kingsland/Grey Lynn. I miss that sense of belonging, and quite frankly The Patriot, Tiny Triumphs or The Esplanade in Devonport really aren’t my kinds of places populated by my kind of people.

I do enjoy catching the Ferry across to the CBD to explore and catch up with people. This has become an important part of my week.

Takapuna also is a good destination for me – but just not within walking distance. (Well, it is if you’re not overweight and somewhat unfit).

And Lake Road still sucks! Seriously. It’s just awful.