Thoughts: Xmas Notes

So it’s the downward spiral to the Festive season.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly noticed people are getting scratchy. Conversations I have through my work show that people are just OVER everything, and there is a lowering of tolerance for those little things that you’d normally let slide, and now you simply can’t ignore.


This piece about a Porirua Xmas Note leaver is a case in point. On the surface it’s amusing, but it belies the angst that this time of year can create.

I too have been the recipient of an Xmas Note this week.



My first instinct was to laugh. What kind of loser would go to such an effort to leave this note on my doorstep? (Not in my letterbox, or on the car).

I live at 19. I share a kerb with 21. It’s a free parking zone. There are no laws dictating where one can park. And there is actually plenty of parking on my street – you might have to walk 5 more meters, but extra step-count in your day is good right?

Have you been on the receiving end of anything like this? Have you left notes?

What are your coping strategies for getting through Christmas and maintaining your dignity and calm?

Mine? Today I moved my car. I parked it in front of 23.