Thoughts: The Joy of Coffee

I have always enjoyed coffee.

I’ve thought of myself as a bit of a coffee snob, given a professional lifetime of consuming way more coffee than is probably healthy.

I have cut down in practice, but things may be changing.

I’ve been very happy with my Bialetti stovetop coffee maker, and the acquisition of espresso-ground coffee to use with it. (When I’m feeling flush my go-to coffee hookup is eight thirty here in Auckland).

And then a close friend gave me beans. Kona coffee beans. From Hawaii. I love my close friend.

And down the rabbithole I went. Damn it, this always happens.

Step one. Acquire a grinder. Done. Pleased with the incentive actually as I’ve needed one for my cooking explorations. Check.

Step two. Develop the routine of beans to grind to coffee. Check.

Step three. Ask myself, how hard can it be to roast my own?

And there it is. There are benchtop roasters available. Experts suggest that the old school popcorn air fryers are awesome. Couldn’t find one. Other experts use a skillet.

Not me. I found this. A ceramic hand roaster. And it’s awesome.

Quick research as to use thanks to YouTube.

A source of green beans located here in Auckland. Started with the least expensive option as proof of concept, and it’s looking good.

My house has coffee aroma. My day starts with a significant caffeine hit. I start talking really fast.

It’s a fun journey.