Thoughts:Of Christchurch

Hi team!

It’s been a wee while between posts eh? This Covid thing is a tad tedious and really has gotten in the way of things. But this week I’ve been able to get onto an aircraft and do my job. In-person.

A flight to Christchurch. So many emotions. I’d not been there for about 3 years.

I noticed that I had a heightened sense of anxiety on the Airbus. Too many kids on board for comfort, knowing that they’re basically the superspreaders. Certainly in the case of my colleagues who’ve fallen!

I have observations. Firstly, I sense that Cantabrians are more positive. There’s a sense they’ve turned the corner. There’s been so much growth in the rebuild, but there’s another decade of rebuild ahead. No, matter. I can see how awesome this city is going to be.

I noticed that the roads are done. Smooth riding. The undulations are gone.

I love the laneways that have been developed.

The 30km limit in the city is irritating, especially as I was reminded by my car constantly to pay attention to the regulations.

I was able to take time to reflect at the CTV memorial. I have to do this. And will continue to do so.

Observations: taxi fares from airport to CBD are extortionate. Car parking is cheap (if you can find one).

I love that everything is pretty much 15 minutes away.

The food and coffee culture is booming. So many options. Do check out the Riverside Market. It’s fabulous.

I can’t wait to return. And I am so grateful that my work will need me to be in Christchurch regularly!

Life is good.


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