Electoral Musings

I’ve been enjoying this campaign in general.

There have been so many machinations. So many characters in the grand play. So many attempts at influencing outcome – some legitimate, some not so much.

There has been extraordinary hypocrisy on display.

There have been attacks on the Right from the Left. There have been attacks on the Left from the Right.

Dirt in Politics is nothing new. The idea of making the ‘other guy’ look unappealing to the Voter is standard electoral strategy. The delivery mechanism has changed over the decades but the intent is the same.

I am, however, bored now. I don’t think we’ve been well-served by our Media. I recall this from 3 years ago as well. It’s that part of the cycle when the Personalities vie for profile and ratings.

Bring on September 20.

Election time

I LOVE Election time!

There is so much weirdness. The Government are trying hard to not screw up and not doing that right (Brownlee, Hauiti).

The various Opposition parties are trying desperately to get traction with messaging. And not doing that right.

Parties are coming out with policy. Finally. Some I like, some I don’t. Some are uncosted pie in the sky ideas. I have a suspicion that the NZ electorate can actually see through hollow promises these days. I have faith in my fellow citizens.

I love the bloggers – the Right-leaning and the Left-leaning. The vitriol is amazing.

And then there’s the media. They are happily creating stories and getting reactions. John Key appears on a magazine cover. Hilarious. I don’t know why the Opposition approached for comment made comment.

Quite frankly though, I’d quite like a job where I’m earning loads of money and for at least two months out of every three years I continue to get paid by my employer when I’m not actually doing my job. In fact all I am doing is telling my employer why I should get employed for another three years.



Dear labour

Dear Labour.

I am a Right-leaning voter. No surprises there.

I am a firm believer in the debate of opposing viewpoints but more importantly, I am a believer in the need for a strong Opposition to keep the Government of the day in check.

New Zealand does not have a strong Opposition at this time.

This is a situation entirely of your own making.

Your factional infighting weakens you. Your railing against opposition actions when you do the same things yourselves reeks of hypocrisy.

And Kiwis don’t like it.

Focus instead on the Economy. Poverty (we have poverty in NZ???). Education. Support for those that need it. Fairness and Justice for all.

Leave the Personality Politics.

You’ll get traction.

Good luck. However, I suspect the disunity and personal agendas within your caucus will outweigh the practical aspects of regaining the Government benches.

Len Brown

It’s time.

I’ve largely bitten my tongue in an online forum, but I have realised I do have an opinion on this.

1) I don’t care who LB bangs. To me it’s irrelevant.

2) I do care that he plays fast and loose with undeclared perks and gratuities – especially those where a perceived conflict of interest may lie (eg. SkyCity).

3) The Terms of Reference of the initial enquiry were tight. The EY report was sanitised. I believe the A-G needs to do a more thorough investigation as there was enough evidence in the EY report to suggest that this is required.

Len has a history of playing with ratepayer funds inappropriately (Manukau). I don’t believe people change patterns of behaviour all that much.

I think his position as Mayor is now untenable as he’s brought the Auckland Council into disrepute. He can’t lead because those he’d lead are currently mocking, protesting or simply turning their back on him. The office of Mayor is utterly compromised.



Thoughts about Len

I’ve held off commenting about the Len Brown scandal for a while. I’ve been waiting to see how it will unfold.

I don’t really think there are any winners in all of this, except perhaps Cam Slater (feel free to argue this point)!

I don’t think the media (I’m looking at you NZ Herald and TV3) have done themselves any favours with their coverage, and probably worse, I don’t think we as ratepayers have been served well at all by them.

Seeing Rebecca Wright harangue John Palino last night on Campbell Live was painful. That was not the approach of a skilled, non-biased journalist. It was awful, and in my opinion, quite disgraceful. Does Rebecca really want to position herself as this type of interviewer? I suspect that this style is rather career-limiting in this country. Your Ordinary-Decent-Kiwi doesn’t like it.

The affair aside, I think we have an elected official that displays (on more than one occasion) poor judgement. He’s brought the Office of Mayor into disrepute. He’s abused a position of power with a subordinate. He’s broken the Council Code of Conduct. These are key questions that the Media hasn’t really made any sort of effort to discuss.

I don’t think this story will go away. I suspect there is more to come out.

And I think Len is going to have a very difficult (if not impossible) task leading this new Council and our fair city this term.