Dairy Of A Shore Thing #2

So, today I needed to get across to Grey Lynn from Belmont in order to meet my cleaner at 9am. I wanted to get there 30mins before her so I could remove the last of the crap from the rooms she was going to work on.

I left at 7:30am.

Just after 8:30am I reached the intersection of Esmonde Road and Barry’s Point Road. I got to Grey Lynn just after 9am. Crazy.

Lake Road and Esmonde Road in the morning are an abomination. This is just not going to be good adjusting to. Seriously, it’s the worst, most non-productive traffic experience in Auckland. And the forthcoming City Rail Link is not going to make any difference whatsoever. When I’m the benevolent Dictator of Auckland, I’m going to have the people build me a second harbour crossing. Damn straight.

Anyway, I turned up to continue my carloads and ‘moving out’, only to discover that there was a crew of blokes ashphalting the driveway and thereby preventing me from getting anywhere near my garage. I couldn’t load, and I lost a couple of strategically planned trips.

Today has been a chore. Some things went right, but I probably wasted at least 4-5 hours of the day either in my car, or waiting for people to turn up.

Still, one positive I’ve noticed is that my plants seem to love this Belmont micro-climate. This is a very good thing.



Wine time.


Being a Traveler that doesn’t Travel sucks

I have a history of traveling. And at present I’m not.

It’s so frustrating being necessarily frugal and having to weigh up where every dollar goes.

Friends are in Dubai en route to Amsterdam, Ireland then back through Thailand. Friends are off to the US on a new adventure. Friends get sick of Auckland and go sit on an island beach for a while.

I feel stuck.

I feel like a part of me that was released has been caged again.

I don’t like it.

I need to get through this phase of life as quickly as I can. Then I can focus on my destination list.

A few years ago I set a target of visiting a country that challenges me at least once per year. It hasn’t happened in the last three years. I need to get going again.