Resolutions vs Goals

I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve this year. But also what defines a New Years Resolution as opposed to setting personal goals.

I think, for me, a Resolution is more about resolving to effect change in aspects of one’s life whereas a Goal is a specified, achievable, tangible thing that you aspire to do.

As I really don’t feel the need to change aspects of my life, despite the fact I probably should consume less wine, I think for 2014, I’ll set goals. Here’s my thinking, category by category, in no particular order of priority.


I’d like to update my trusty iPad. I still have a version 1 model. It has served me well but it’s time.

I’d also like to acquire a decent DSLR camera because I do take photos, and I am getting frustrated with not being able to capture what I’m seeing.

I’d also quite like to obtain a new iMac or MacPro – I want to get back into writing/recording music and a decent spec’d machine will help.

Personal Development:

I definitely want to get off my backside and learn Japanese. I’ve made a broad start in 2013 but it fell by the wayside when time constraints bit. I have the materials needed, I just need to book regular conversational classes.

Study? Not sure. The idea is there, but the reality is that it takes time that I can’t commit to just yet. This requires more research on my part.

It is time I played bass in public again. It’s been years. Easy goal: get my calluses back and head up to the Portland Public House on ‘jam night’.

Reading: one book at least per week. Can be Fiction or non-Fiction. Achievable.


I need to re-establish my gym regimen. I did quite well for 9 months of 2013 then got distracted by life. I shall set a goal of 3 weight sessions each week, and then add cardio – whether it’s bike or a walk 2x each week. This is of course achievable.

My sporting nemesis is Snowboarding. I have intent to learn – and have had for nearly 5 years. My snowboard and clothing mock me.


This is a biggie. I love to travel and haven’t for two years. So, in 2014 I want to travel to 5 overseas destinations. On my list of possibles is Cambodia, Thailand, Cuba, Australia (of course), Pacific Islands (take your pick). I also need to get back to the UK for family reasons, possibly Germany and I’d love to get back to the USA.

I’m sure there are more goals to set. I’m not thinking about house purchasing. I may update my vehicle, but it’s not costing me much to run at present so I may as well hold on to it for now. I’m still processing my Business goals. It should be an interesting year.

What are your goals?

Thoughts about Apple


I’ve been an Apple fanboy since 1977. I have memories of hours spent on an Apple II, playing games such as Aztec, Taipan and Loderunner.

I remember the joy in the local Apple store when they took delivery of their first Macintosh. It was a revolution.

I’ve been an active part of the Apple ride since. I remember attending keynotes at the MacWorld trade shows. I remember the hideous beige Mac period, and the triumphant return of Steve Jobs. I have met so many great people through my association with Apple, and many have become lifelong friends.

Possibly like many others, I’ve been wondering what Apple will do post-Jobs. Happily it turns out that his DNA has been firmly grafted throughout the company.

The latest launch is testament to this.

My 11 yr old son watched the keynote of his own volition. He learned that the new version of OSX was a) free and b) available as a download and c) would work on his aged MacBook. And he proceeded to download and install it himself. The ease of use and intuition of Apple technology is stunning.

I love how Apple has given away the new OS. I’m amazed and impressed that they have given away the new versions of their iWork suite.

They’re clearly setting precedents and outflanking their competition.

Combining this with spectacular new Mac Pro and new versions of iPhones, iPads and more, I think this company is going from strength to strength.

I can’t wait to see what is next!