So I unexpectedly got the opportunity to see Rihanna play Vector Arena in Auckland last night.

Honestly, I only really have a vague familiarity with her music. Except perhaps for ‘Umbrella’, which I had the misfortune of having to sing in a Singstar game against a friend and her two daughters. Over and over and over, as it was their (then) favourite song.

I didn’t have huge expectations, but I was looking forward to seeing a show.

Then something happened.

About 30 seconds into the first song, I realised that I was watching my second-favourite guitarist* ever, Nuno Bettencourt. This changed my concert experience instantly.


I loved the performance of the show. I loved the musicality of the show.

It looked like Rihanna was also enjoying herself.

It was a fun night.

* my first-favourite guitarist is Steve Lukather.