Sporting Redemption

I’ve been thinking about the America’s Cup and redemption.

Us Kiwis have long memories when we feel hard done by. The underarm incident. Dirty Dennis. You know what I’m talking about.


After this regatta, what of Coutts and Butterworth?

They’ve been held up as sell-outs. They still have interests/homes in New Zealand (I believe) and will someday want to return here.
But how will they avoid the daily scrutiny and angst that is still directed at them from afar?

My take is this:

Team New Zealand wins the America’s Cup from Team USA. (It hinges on this occurring).

Coutts and Butterworth et. al then are in a position to be able to take the moral high ground. “We worked on the inside to get the America’s Cup through a natural growth period of Billionaires and Bragging Rights. The America’s Cup will now have a chance to be Country Vs Country and accessible to all”.

It may be that history will remember them as sporting heroes, restoring the oldest trophy in the world to its rightful place.

Shower Cleaners

Keeping my shower clean has been the bane of my existence.

I’ve been in my apartment for a little over four years, and I’m quite sure that the previous occupants never cleaned the shower.

I have tried everything to get the glass clean. To remove those visible tracks.

Home remedies, for example white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and newspaper. Failed.

Every product and potion on the supermarket shelves. Failed.

And worse, those products leave you gasping for oxygen and crying acidic tears after spraying and scrubbing.

Then, as a last ditch effort, I bought Shower Witch from Wet and Forget. Yes, it’s expensive, but it was worth a try.

I got clear (unasked for!) instructions from the man behind the counter. As well as a very helpful ‘how to use’ brochure.

Application was easy. Not toxic. I had no issues with chemical burning.

And the results? Astonishing. Another couple of applications over the next month will help, but I’ve never seen the shower so clean.

I do recommend.

Business v Personal

I do try to keep personal life separate from business life.

It can be a challenge.

If I think about it, my personal life isn’t really that complicated. I have to negotiate with an ex.

I have to find a balance between her expectations and time with my children (who I adore and love spending time with) and that is pretty much it.

What we have, works.

But then there is  ‘business life’. It’s SO much harder than negotiating the minefield of a former relationship where kids are involved.

At least, in the throes of a dying relationship, you have slightly more than zero communication. In business, if someone doesn’t want to talk, you have to bring in third parties. This sucks.

God. People really need to get over themselves.