Dear labour

Dear Labour.

I am a Right-leaning voter. No surprises there.

I am a firm believer in the debate of opposing viewpoints but more importantly, I am a believer in the need for a strong Opposition to keep the Government of the day in check.

New Zealand does not have a strong Opposition at this time.

This is a situation entirely of your own making.

Your factional infighting weakens you. Your railing against opposition actions when you do the same things yourselves reeks of hypocrisy.

And Kiwis don’t like it.

Focus instead on the Economy. Poverty (we have poverty in NZ???). Education. Support for those that need it. Fairness and Justice for all.

Leave the Personality Politics.

You’ll get traction.

Good luck. However, I suspect the disunity and personal agendas within your caucus will outweigh the practical aspects of regaining the Government benches.

Thoughts about renting and having to move

In mid-January I received notice that my apartment owners intended to sell my apartment. This wasn’t really a surprise given the ‘valuation for insurance purposes’ visit in December.

Thought #1. Why can’t people just be honest and say why they’re getting valutations etc.?

As I’m a clean and tidy person (mostly) it wasn’t too challenging to get my place to ‘Take Photos For Trade-Me’ level. The agent who was selling the Apartment was actually very good. Very communicative and reasonable. He also bought me wine.

Thought #2. Giving wine to people who like wine is a really good way to get them onside.

It took six weeks from first notice to getting the place sold. And it sold for a record price apparently. I’ll take credit for the fact that I’ve treated it well for 4 1/2 years. I don’t get any commission though.

I couldn’t move on finding a new place until I knew that it had sold, and that it had sold to a new owner/occupier who therefore required vacant possession.

Thought #3. I don’t like being in limbo. There was only so much I could do in preparation for a home hunt. I was very unsettled.

Then the hunt for a home. I knew I had to increase my per week rent cost. It’s a very tight market at the moment. I also knew that it was unlikely I could stay in my beloved Kingsland.

Thought #4. Kingsland, Auckland is FANTASTIC.

Focus. Stay on topic.

Ok – over two weeks I visited 23 Open Homes. And spent probably 2 hours each day researching, contacting, applying, researching, contacting… you get the picture. Detailed notes were taken.

Thought #5. Evernote is a brilliant solution. I was able to keep track of everything associated with the hunt across all devices.

Late last week, I was offered a place which I’ve accepted. I’m moving to Grey Lynn. In very close proximity to Farro Fresh, Countdown, Fruit World and within tipsy-walking distance from West Lynn, Herne Bay, and Ponsonby.

Thought #6. I may have a problem. I seem to be associating location with bars.

I’ve been through a little emotional rollercoaster as a result. My home is really my sanctuary and is and has to be a safe place for my kids when they’re in my care. I have found a new home that will work. I am horrified at how some people live. I saw some absolute shitholes. I blame landlords and tenants alike.

Also, I’ve been underwhelmed by the quality of Real Estate agents in the Rent game. Yes, I understand that they have no loyalty beyond getting the places let and obtaining the letting fee. However, there seems to be a lack of even basic courtesy when it comes to responding to emails, texts, messages. Take note Real Estate agents. You could do better.

I also don’t think it’s right that I have to provide 21 Days Notice in the period between having a home sold out from under you. I will have to pay rent to two landlords in the cross-over week. Oh well. Needs must I guess.

Thought #7. I need to save enough money for a deposit on a place so this doesn’t happen again.