I’m 52 years old, living in Auckland and I’m the dad of two amazing kids. I’ve been through a bit of a journey these last 13 years or so and I’m mostly confident that I’ve come through things OK.

I’m a bit older. A bit wiser. A bit more relaxed about not sweating the small stuff.

My roots are in smallish-town New Zealand where I was raised by a pair of wonderful people who adopted me. I have met both my biological parents, and blood relatives. The  discussion around Nature VS Nurture fascinates me.

I love learning about things I’ve never considered or explored. I’m highly curious.

My interests are broad: food (cooking and eating), wine (drinking), reading (all genres), movies, music (listening and making), travel (reading about and experiencing), sport (more watching than participating), camping, technology, people.

Say hello.

– Simon

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