Thoughts on the Labour Party

Yes, I am a Centre-Right voter but this doesn’t prevent me from considering the current Labour Party leadership situation.

I maintain that an effective Government requires an effective Opposition to hold them to account. And this hasn’t happened for many years now.

To the topic. We are seeing people putting their hands up to Lead. This is a good thing. However, it is my opinion that putting your hand up to Lead is folly when you don’t have any idea what it is that you’re standing for, and who it is that you’re leading.

My take on it is that Labour needs to work out first and foremost WHO it is representing in Parliament. Then they can work out Policy – what is it that those they represent actually need?

Whilst they’re doing this, perhaps they shouldn’t have a ‘Leader’. They could have a spokesperson for Media. Have a Leadership Representative in the House. Don’t damage the Party further by factional infighting.


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