Thoughts: Yet Another Life Changing Event

Over the last year or so there have been a number of events in my life requiring my attention and dedication to get through. Nothing earth-shattering but generally a bit distracting and frustrating.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been reflecting on my existence and considering the things that impact me (both positively and negatively) that I can control and the things that impact me that I can’t control. I’ve also considered the things I don’t actually care about, and the things I shouldn’t care about.

It has been quite the cathartic process.

All that being said, as a result of all this navel-gazing, this coming weekend is my last in my extraordinarily expensive apartment in Grey Lynn. I have mixed feelings as I love apartment dwelling and this one has been fun,¬† but it’s time. I’m moving in with the significant other. This is a fairly big thing for me as I’ve been stoically independent for the last seven years. I love my space and solitude as much as I love company. *deep breath*

My main concern was the impact this would have on my kids. They’re still being brought up in the ways of the Lord by their mother and their school and their church, and they’ll know that Dad doesn’t subscribe to a lot of the imposed morality of their environment. I am very conscious of making sure they never feel like visitors or that they’ve been replaced.

Of secondary concern is that I’m moving to Belmont. BELMONT. I’m going to have to become a Shore Boy. There are some aspects of the Shore that I like: Tunnels in hills for example. Beaches are OK I guess. I like Takapuna. I am dreading being a regular on Lake Rd – that abomination of tarmac that connects Esmonde Rd to Devonport. But I’ll get used to it I suppose.

I will miss my locals – Freida Margolis, The Gypsy Tea Room et al – but I will make my presence felt on Hurstmere Rd and surrounds I’m sure.

I am looking forward to making use of the Devonport Ferry on a semi-regular basis. A definite bonus.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.

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