Thoughts: getting your body back

Oh ok, maybe it’s more “getting your brain, time and life back”.

From July 1st, I have been in recovery.

This year has been bloody hard slog. I’d been giving one of my clients, on average, over 180 hrs per month. (Getting paid for 168). And then fitting in the workload for my other clients on top of that.

My brain was fried. But I didn’t realize it, although the suspicions were there.

I’d had a few conversations with medical professionals (nothing to be concerned about, I have many more people to annoy in my future) and quite frankly the idea that we work to exhaustion and then use the spare time for sleep is just crazy.

Yes. Needs must. But it takes a toll.

From July 1st, I reduced my hours with that client. Focussing on a few accounts and being more selective with my hours.

I have new clients to inspire and delight me. 

I have felt a weight lift and a sharpening in my mind. I didn’t realize quite how bad shape I was in. 

Sorry if you’ve been on the receiving end of ‘I have no energy to give you any sort of attention’. 

I’ve made changes.


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