Thoughts: Quality Time with the Kids

I’ve enjoyed spending more time than usual with my kids these holidays. It’s fun connecting with them and seeing them grow.

Visits to MOTAT and the Auckland Museum were rewarding. It’s cool to see my daughter dive into the experiments and technology that MOTAT has on display and promotes with their school programmes.


It was endearing seeing both of them dive into the Online Cenotaph at the Museum to locate their great-grandfathers name in the role of honour. And to be able to explain ‘war’ and ‘sacrifice’ and the impact on families and New Zealand.
This afternoon has been pretty cool too. Master 12 is off testing a game that is currently in closed-beta development (huge opportunity for him to learn about the ins and outs of a studio) so Miss 9 and I shot off to the Pub. Just me and her.


This has been great for a number reasons. My kids have been told/conditioned that pubs are bad and full of bad drunk people. I’ve been working to dispel this of course. And the most important reason is that she wanted to talk. And talk. And talk. She made me put my devices down so she could talk to me. About everything. Such an incredibly awesome time. School, friends, subjects. She showed me her writing. Her forays into coding (she does technology at her school). Her ice-skating. Her gymnastics. Talking about her achievements and the next things to work on.
This will set up this weekend nicely.

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